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LinkedIn is now one of the primary tools that most recruiters use when sourcing professional positions. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that you are visible on LinkedIn so that the right opportunities come to you.

Here are 8 LinkedIn tips to ensure that you are visible to opportunity.


1 – Ensure that your LinkedIn Job title is relevant

Having an accurate job title is the easiest way to ensure you are found and contacted about relevant opportunities. I recommend the following format,

“Specialism” | “niche” | “Key Skills/experience” 

For example,

Quant Analyst | Front Office | FX/Rates, Python, C++ 


Personal Tax Specialist | Trusts, IHT | CTA, CA 

If you are actively looking, don’t have your job title as just “Open to Opportunities”, as you are likely to be missed for relevant opportunities when recruiters are running a search


2 – You MUST have a profile picture

You MUST have a profile picture, Ideally a reasonably professional headshot picture. If you don’t have a picture your LinkedIn profile will be viewed as incomplete and you will show up a lot lower in search results.

There is also a weight of research that shows that social media profiles with a photo are much more likely to be viewed than one without.


3 – Write your profile in terms of tangible results/accomplishments

A short line giving an overview of your role followed by a few bullet points is the most eye-catching way to write your profile.

For example,

“Senior Accountant responsible for a portfolio of over 40 clients”


“Finance Director responsible for a budget of £20m and leading a team of 6 Finance professionals.”

Follow the first line with a few bullet points giving some tangible achievements in the role.


4 – Ensure you complete all 50 skill slots on your profile

Recruiters will typically search for key skills. Ensure that you have filled in all the available skill slots in your profile and you will be far more likely to appear high up in search results.


5 – Ask for recommendations

Request a short recommendation for your profile from current or previous colleagues and clients. A few recommendations will really help your profile stand out.


6- Engage on LinkedIn

The best way to stay visible to your network on LinkedIn is to like, comment and post. If you are actively looking for a new opportunity, ensure you do this daily. That will ensure that you are regularly appearing on your networks feed and you are more likely to be approached about opportunities which match your skills and experience.


7 – Put a link to your LinkedIn profile on your CV

Recruiters and hiring managers will often cross-check your LinkedIn profile against your CV. Having a link to your LinkedIn profile on your CV is another verification point. It also shows that you are modern, up to date and engaged in social media. An added bonus is that gives you the opportunity to showcase any content or thought leadership pieces you have created on LinkedIn.


8 – Network now, more than ever

With most people working hybrid, it is a great time to message your network or have a catch-up call with an old colleague, client, or recruiter you have not spoken to in a while. Unless you have the conversation, you will not know where it might lead.


With a busy job market, there are going to be some great opportunities to advance your career. By ensuring that you are visible on LinkedIn, you are ensuring that these opportunities will find you.