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As a finance professional, you’ve already taken the vital step of engaging with top recruiters in your market. But how can you further boost your chances of securing that next pivotal role? The answer lies in networking and personal branding. Here are some key strategies that can help you stand out and unlock new career opportunities.

Master Your LinkedIn Presence

Too many skilled finance professionals merely list their company and job title. You need to go beyond that. Highlight your achievements, and don’t shy away from sharing your success stories. In a market where direct hiring through LinkedIn is increasingly common, ensure your profile reflects your true value. Especially during economic uncertainty, recruitment spend is one of the first areas to be cut, and you’ll find CEOs, MDs, and HR professionals are actively searching for talent like yours, and a well-crafted LinkedIn presence can make all the difference.

Engage with Professional Networks and Bodies

Are you a member of bodies like ICAS, ACCA, CIMA, or CTA? These organisations are goldmines for networking. Participate actively in their events and reconnect with past contacts. Often, there’s a mutual desire among members to support each other, and you never know which connection might lead to your next big opportunity.

Be an Active Voice on LinkedIn

Why keep your insights and achievements to yourself? Share them on LinkedIn. Write articles and posts that not only showcase your knowledge but also offer help to others facing similar professional challenges. Authenticity and generosity in sharing your experiences can resonate with others, including senior professionals who might just be looking for someone like you.

Strategically Connect with Industry Leaders

LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals across the globe. Use this to your advantage (you can connect with up to 100 new people each week). Aim to connect with senior figures in companies you admire or wish to work for. While personal messages can be a nice touch, they’re not always necessary. The key is to be visible and relevant, so when you post insightful content, it appears in their feed, enhancing your visibility and establishing a subtle but powerful presence.

Share Your Expertise Through Content

Establish yourself as a thought leader by creating and sharing content relevant to the finance sector. This could be through LinkedIn articles, a personal blog, or even video content. Your insights into market trends, financial analysis, or commentary on industry news can attract a network that values your expertise.

Embracing Discomfort for Greater Opportunities

I understand that the steps outlined above might not come naturally to everyone. The truth is, self-promotion and networking can be challenging for most professionals. Even with 16 years in recruitment under my belt, I still experience a hint of discomfort every time I put my experience out there, engage with new people, create content, or reach out to unfamiliar professionals in the finance world.

The reason I continue to push through some discomfort to do it is because it works. These strategies have consistently opened doors to new opportunities, not just for me but also for the talented finance professionals I work with, both as candidates and clients. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone to let your expertise and achievements shine.

While it may feel a bit daunting at first, remember that the next big opportunity could be just around the corner. These steps may require a bit of a stretch, but can significantly ease your journey towards it. Good luck!


Andrew Murphy – Director