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At Ceres Financial Talent we work with accountants and finance professionals at different stages in their careers. This gives us a clear view of how the accountancy field is changing in Scotland and beyond. In the past few years, we’ve seen some big changes. Salaries are going up, more people want to work flexibly, and the way new accountants think about their careers is changing.

To get a better understanding of these trends, we didn’t just rely on stories and observations. We decided to do a detailed survey. Our goal was simple: find out what the new generation of accountants in Scotland are thinking and planning for their careers. This helps us and our clients stay up-to-date and ready for these changes.

Here’s the report from our survey, “Beyond Qualification: A Look at Scotland’s Accountants in Training”. It’s full of useful information about what the future accountants are looking for in their careers. Take a look to see what’s changing in the accountancy world.

Beyond Qualification – A Look at Scotland’s Accountants in Training